Innovation and the Big Screen


1 April 2017

” Welcome to this, our latest report exploring innovation and change in European cinemas. UNIC, the Union Internationale des Cinémas | International Union of Cinemas, is the European grouping of cinema trade associations and key operators, now covering 36 territories. We promote the social, cultural and economic benefits of a vibrant cinema-going culture across Europe and seek to provide an influential voice for cinemas on issues of shared interest.

Audience growth and box office results over recent years across UNIC territories clearly show that cinema-going in Europe is thriving, becoming an ever more engaging, diverse and immersive experience. This is thanks in large part to on-going investment in innovation by cinema operators and their partners. This report explores how the sector embraces new technological and consumer trends by exploring three key areas: creative audience engagement; the big screen experience; and social innovation.

As our partners in government and across the industry value chain consider the future of our industry, we hope that this report helps further to position cinema operators at the centre of their growth strategies.””

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