The Stats - An Overview of the film television video and dvd industries in the UK 1990 - 2003

The vogue for measuring activity of all sorts is a constant presence in today’s moving image industry, and as that industry starts to deliver its product in more diverse ways it becomes increasingly important to be able to make comparisons across time. One of the problems that besets any researcher as they set out to make these kinds of comparisons is knowing where to start given the variety of sources for the data and the fact that there is inevitably a mix of publicly available information and some that has to be obtained from more specialised sources.

The beauty of the publication you are now looking at is that it brings all of these together in one source and has been re-edited to make them all available in a single volume, drawing upon the annual tables and other material previously published in the bfi Film and Television Handbooks, including the final, separate volumes from 2005.

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