Stories and Films Have [no] Boundaries

This study was conducted as a collaboration between Tanja C. Krainhöfer (Grad. Media Studies), Konrad Schreiber (M. Sc.) and Dr. Thomas Wiedemann, and was carried out in the Department of Media Studies of the Academy of Film and TV Munich, as well as at the Department of Communication Studies and Media Research of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

Succeeding the study Women Show their Faces, Men their Films! on the representation of film works by women in German film festival programming (Krainhöfer & Schreiber 2016), it is a further contribution on gender studies in the department of Professor Dr. Michaela Krützen of the HFF Munich.

The study was facilitated by the Realisation of Equal Opportunities for Women in Research and Teaching program sponsored by the Bavarian Ministry for Sciences.


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Credit: Tanja C. Krainhöfer Konrad Schreiber Dr. Thomas Wiedemann Geraldine Blecker