Portrayal vs. Bertrayal - An investigation of diverse and mainstream UK film audiences

Watching films is one of the UK‟s favourite pastimes. We know that the UK is becoming an increasingly diverse society and it is absolutely vital that the film industry reflects that by serving the broadest possible audiences, reflecting their lives and age, gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation and physical ability. However, despite the rapidly changing demographics of modern Britain, a recent consultation across all sectors of the film industry revealed that there is little knowledge, insight or understanding of the definitive drivers and barriers for diverse film audiences in the UK. The conversations also revealed that the film sector recognised the importance and commercial value of understanding and delivering what diverse audiences want but that there is very little comprehensive and freely accessible research into diverse audiences and how best to reach them. This new study, Portrayal Vs. Betrayal aims to provide the answers by focusing on a number of groups including older women, working class, lesbian, gay and bisexual audiences; minority ethnic audiences including more recent immigrants, Eastern European.


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Credit: Harris Interactive