Moving Literacy On evaluation of the BFI Lead Practitioner Scheme for moving image media literacy

uk film council

4 January 2008

The BFI scheme was developed in order to establish ‘lead practitioners’ for moving image media literacy, eventually in all Local Authorities (LAs) in England. A pilot was run in February 2004 for 10 LAs. Thirty-five LAs were subsequently involved in the first cohort of the scheme, beginning in October, 2005. A further 16 LAs then became involved in the scheme. The BFI are also involved with an additional 9 Local Authorities in relation to work on their materials for schools, thereby bringing the total of LAs involved in work on moving image education with the BFI to 70 in total, i.e. almost half of all authorities in England. For the purposes of this evaluation, however, the number of LAs involved was 35, constituting those authorities involved in the scheme in October 2005. The lead practitioners in these authorities were trained by the BFI and costs met by LAs. This evaluation was undertaken in order to evaluate the first two years of the scheme, from October 2005 – August 2007.

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