Mapping Study of EU Funding in the UK Screen Sectors 2007-2017

"Since 2007, there have been 1,766 identifiable projects that have benefitted the UK screen sectors with a total value of £298.4m.

From film to TV and videogames, our screen sectors are a UK and international success story. UK-made content such as God’s Own Country, Peaky Blinders and Grand Theft Auto are loved the world over. The creative industries are the fastest growing sector of the economy, already returning £92bn in GVA and employing two million people. Their ability to deliver further jobs and growth throughout the UK has led to the inclusion of the creative industries as a priority sector in the government’s industrial strategy, receiving a special ‘sector deal’ of industry backed measures designed to supercharge their performance. EU funding has played a significant role in this success. The screen sector relies on a unique blend of private and public investment in order to grow - from the BFI’s investment of National Lottery funding in skills development and the production of films through the Film Fund, to the creative sector tax reliefs that have fostered the UK’s reputation as a major production hub. EU investment has been a critical part of this mix. Following the referendum vote to leave the EU, the BFI commissioned consultancy firm SQW to audit the ways in which EU funding has flowed into the UK screen industries. The following report shows that the sector has attracted more than £298m over the past decade, sourced through a range of programmes. This has funded 1,766 projects across every nation and region of the UK. Case studies demonstrate how this investment has stimulated growth, with funded projects creating jobs and commercial returns for their local economy. "


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