How Data is Transforming Audience Relationships

"On the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival 2019, Europa Cinemas unveils a study on the attitudes and actions of Network members concerning audience data analytics. Based on a questionnaire sent to a panel of 241 cinemas and supported by Creative Europe/MEDIA, the study was directed by Michael Gubbins (SampoMedia).

Innovation and investment in the future of independent European cinemas has largely centred on improving the audience experience but the digital economy has created new opportunities to understand what audiences want, how to connect to them and how to build and enhance relationships.

This is an era of greatly increased competition for consumer time, in which expectations of convenience, quality and service has greatly increased and where knowing and understanding customers is fast becoming an essential skill.

While the challenge of finding, winning and mobilising audiences is more difficult than ever, there are now tools, built on data analysis, that can help and create new opportunities.

There has been much hype around the Big Data behind the success of global giants, such as Amazon and Netflix but there are many other mechanisms for building knowledge that scale down. The range of options available include valuable free insights based on social media use, through improved databases to specialist Customer Relationship Management software and systems.

They offer mechanisms for more targeted marketing, for recruiting and retaining audiences and for building programmes and services with great understanding of demand and consequently lower risk.

Used correctly, data tools have the potential to enhance the traditional assets of independent cinemas, such as instinct, taste and a personal connection to audiences, helping build sustainable strategies for a changing environment."


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