Crossing Boundaries The Role for Cross-Art-Form and Media Venues in the Age of ‘Clicks’ not ‘Bricks’

“The six cross-art-form and media venues discussed in this report have had an extraordinary impact on the cities where they are located. They have been catalysts for change, cultural laboratories that have developed new ways of presenting work and supporting emerging talent. They have been models of innovative knowledge transfer, taking research beyond the walls of the academy and allowing it to flourish, creating new sorts of partnership between artist and audience.
They have been amongst the unsung pioneers of culture-led regeneration, providing a bridge between the arts and the creative industries.
The challenge for us, and for them, is now to realise the full potential of digital technology in overcoming physical and conceptual barriers and so pioneer the evolution of a truly national network of new practice in arts and culture. This study is an important step on that journey.”

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