Creative Achievements 2009/2010

EM Media | reports | April 29th 2010
regions screen agency

For almost a decade, EM Media has been supporting unique and distinctive talent from its Nottingham base. The local financing and production of 42 innovative British films, the production of over 80 short films and our investments in the games, TV and interactive industries have helped deliver value to the economy of almost £180 million and have netted over 40 awards and festival prizes for local talent.

Our investment in initiatives that increase opportunities for audiences has resulted in almost 200 venues across the East Midlands (from cinemas to village halls) actively promoting and screening specialised film, bringing independent and world cinema to the doorsteps of those who don’t have convenient access to a city centre cinema.
The number of participating venues has increased from just three since EM Media began operating in 2002.


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