Big Picture The Regional Screen Agencies building community identity and enterprise

“In 2002 the audio-visual sector had a turnover of £20 billion. Between 1997 and 2000, the audiovisual industries grew more than three times as fast as the UK economy as a whole and, in 2000, generated £4.1 billion of exports.
New technology, getting cheaper by the day – and easier to use – provides unparalleled economic and social potential. Being here, now, is like being in Hollywood in 1900 – entry costs are low, entrepreneurial energy abounds, and the full possibilities are only dimly in view. The policy question is how to make the most of this – because we are at a point where smart public-sector intervention can still make a big difference.
The Regional Screen Agencies came into being in 2002/04 to address that question. In a short space of time they have developed a unique way of working that adds economic and public value. Their approach, which matches the Cox Review’s recommendation of sector-specific city, could act as a model for others.”

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