An overview of film policy in the UK 2000-2010

uk film council | research | January 1st 2010

“The purpose of this overview is to set out some of the key developments in film policy in the UK between 2000 and 2010.
During that decade, the UK Film Council was the government’s lead agency for film and the organisation features prominently in this text. But this overview charts the development of film policy as a whole, during a time when the UK Film Council was the crucible in which much – but not all – of the direction of that policy was forged.
It was a decade in which film policy was shaped both by the Labour Government’s broader ambitions for the creative industries as an engine of economic growth, and by the increasingly significant influence of digital technology in shaping the world. In fact, these two forces were sometimes at odds with each other in ways that made life uncomfortable for policymakers.
To enable the reader to focus on particular areas of interest, this overview is organised thematically rather than chronologically. It is designed to provide the basis for histories of the period which will draw on different perspectives and interpretations.”


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