Contribution Guidelines


First thanks for getting involved! I'm really glad you're reading this, because we need your help.

Our core work is finding both new and past resources, cleaning, and indexing them.

We also have design, technical, and community challenges to solve.

If you want to contribute in any other way, let us know.

Please take a few moments to review our contribution guidelines, to make the process easy and effective for everyone involved.

Contribution guidelines

We use Github to organise, collaborate, and publish resources to Film Research, you can find the entire contents of this website within the Film Research repository.

If you're not sure on Github, Github Guides is the easiest way to get started learning.

We also like Wikipedia's Five Pillars as a good standard for contributing.

Getting started

License and agreements

This website is published under a MIT License. Any contributions you make will also fall under this license. Your contributions have no rights reserved, putting them in the public domain.


You can find the roadmap for Film Research on Noise.

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