What is Github

Github is a tool to collaborate, enabling anyone to create and edit files. Although usually used by programmers, anyone can use Github to manage different versions of files. It's useful because in a Github repository you can find past versions of files, and every change that has happened.

Why are we using it

This website is built on a system called Grav. Described as a modern open source flat-file CMS, this essentially means that the pages aren't hidden away in a database, but every page has its own file to display the content.

So at the bottom of every page you can find a link to its corresponding Github file, including this one.

Through this system you can see every addition and change to this website, when it was made, and by who.

This wiki-like type of transparency is important to us, but it's also a great way of inviting other people to collaborate.

And because we've made this website open source, it means that anyone can start their own version.

How to use it

Github Guides is the easiest way to get started learning.

You can browse the Film Research repository.

We're working on documenting how to collaborate through Github, in the meantime you can use the contribute forms.